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"Learn the past, watch the present, create the future"

who we are

LeMo QuarterHorses were established in the autumn 2005 by Lena & Morten Haugland.

We are both horse people with a predilection for western riding, and reining in particular.

what we do

Small scale breeders of American Quarter Horses from reining, cutting and working cowhorse bloodlines. In our breeding we emphasize disposition, health conformation as well as performance and pedigree. Our goal is to raise stable and abiding horses with a potential for competing on a high level.


We are also able to help you finding the right horse through our experience and extensive network

where we are

LeMo QuarterHorses home base is at the Negaard Ranch in Loeten, Norway, where we have got Approx. 11 acres with pasture and outdoor facilities for our horses.

It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle....

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